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1. Why don't you have a printed paper catalog, everyone has a printed paper catalog?
We're trying to be a bit different from everyone else! Printed catalogs add costs, kill trees and do not have the ability to display brand new card designs the day they come out. An online catalog allows us to offer lower costs, easily change out old cards and it has the uncanny ability to never get lost!! In the age of online commerce, we felt that it was time for a company to step forward and offer an all online experience. See the printable PDF catalog online.

3. Do you sell card displays?
Yep. Go here.

5. Do you give racks to stores for free?
Who do you think we are?
Do rack companies give free greeting cards with each display purchase? Sorry about the sarcasm. No, we are WAY to small to afford racks for every small store in the country. As we get larger we will begin to offer free pens.

2. I don't have time to pick all of those cards and every time I read them I almost wet my pants, what am I supposed to do?
Two words - QUICK ORDER. Go to the quick order page, pick the number of cards that you would like to order and we'll do the rest. We send you a fine selection of the hottest, best selling cards. Could ordering greeting cards be any easier?

3. Your cards are so cool, funny and original, why don't you work for Hallmark?
I applied, they denied. The next best thing was to create my own greeting card company.

5. Where is the nearest ChuckleBerry's Paper Card store?
Well, that's a good question. First off, at this point in time, there are no actual ChuckleBerry's Paper Card stores. But! There are zillions of stores that carry the ChuckleBerry's line of cards. Unfortunately we have not been writing down and listing every business that carries our cards, mainly due to the fact that stores change card selections from time to time and we could not guarantee that a store would be carrying our cards. However, you can march your pretty little bootie down to your nearest card shop, florist, gas station, book store or hospital and sternly request that they carry our cards or you will never shop there again. (it could happen)

6. I don't own a business but I would like to buy your cards to send to my friends, what should I do?
Visit our retail greeting card site at or order 24 cards from this site and get them at wholesale cost.

6. Do I get a really cool sign for the top of my greeting card display?
Yep, it's really cool, small, but cool. They will get bigger.

9. Where are the category header card thingys?
They are free with each display order and can be purchased without a display. Is that cool with you?

6. This is a pretty cool greeting card company, how much could I buy it for?

7. My spouse had lipstick on their collar, should I be worried?
If your spouse is a chick, be worried, be very worried. If your spouse is a dude, be worried, be very worried. And please don't ask those type of questions here, Dr. Phil can be found at

5. I've got a question and it's not on this page, what are you going to do about it?
Email us the question or give us a call. If we can't answer it we'll form a committee, propose a study and spend millions of dollars trying to figure it out. Or we'll make up an answer and contact you ASAP.
Phone: 580.977.9947

6. Where in the heck is the ChuckleBerry's Paper Card plant anyway?
The ChuckleBerry's Paper Card design studio, creative offices and printing plant are all located in the middle bedroom of our house. Send mail, money and mojo to:

ChuckleBerry's Paper Card Company
P. O. Box 52
Enid, OK 73702

7. I'm funny, can I write for your company?
Has Hallmark turned you down? If you can answer yes to that question we'd love to read your stuff. Send unmarked, uncopyrighted funny stuff to our plagerism department and we'll see if we can get away with stealing it. If we can't we'll contact you about possibly trading out some old diapers for your services. Send funny stuff to a contact above.

6. I can draw real good, how much will you pay me to draw yer cartoons?
Forty seven cents an hour.

6. Is this really a small family run business or is this a huge corporation in disguise?
Would a huge corporation use a dirty word on their website? Poopy!

8. I've seen funnier cards from other companies online, why should I buy your lame cards?
Uuuumm, well, the answer is, uuummmm, GOSH! We care. We like you. We have two little girls that wear tattered clothing because we cannot afford the better things in life. Our cards open easier. We put magic chuckleberry dust in every envelope. We might cry if you don't.

0. When will your cards be featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things?
As soon as 1.2 million of you buy one of our birthday cards and all mail them to her on her birthday. Hurry up, her birthday is January 29 and she will be 29 this year. Mail one of our birthday cards to:

Oprah Winfrey
110 N. Carpenter St.
Chicago, IL 60607
Fax: 312-633-1976

9. Who are those cute little girls on the WhimsyBerry's cards?
The answer to that depends on why you are asking. If you think they are hot, you're sick and should leave your chair now to go seek professional help. If you think they are cute and silly, they are our daughters and part of the company. Basically they are the CEO and CFO of ChuckleBerry's in the year 2028.

12. I've got a complaint, how do I contact your service department?
Send all complaints to our future CEO and CFO noted above. They love to complain and have the attention span of a gnat. While you're complaining could you get them to clean their room?

X. Are you rich?
No, I'm Curtis, glad to meet you and thanks for asking.

13. I live in Baghdad, Iraq, do you ship cards here?
All cards into Iraq are shipped by the US Army Tank service. If you live in any country other than the US please contact us before ordering and we will let you know about delivery and the additional cost and security.

l15. The numbers on the questions are not in order.
That's not a question, it's an observation. Thank you for being so observant, you've won our grand prize! It has been mailed to an address in New York City. Since you're so observant you should have no problem finding it.

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